8 MCLE Credits Anticipated


1. David Falk's Opening Keynote - Athlete Representation

Robert A. McCormick - Baseball's Third Strike: The Triumph of Collective Bargaining in Professional Baseball

Daniel Auerbach - Morals Clauses As Corporate Protection in Athlete Endorsement Contracts

Darren A. Heitner & Bryan Saul - Jay Z Has 99 Problems, and Being A Sports Agent May Be One


2. Panel 1 - Sports as a Business

Deborah A. DeMott - The Discrete Roles of General Counsel

Felipe Saltz - Sustainable Stadiums

Marc EdelmanIn Defense of Sports Antitrust Law


3. Panel 2 - Bay Area Teams

Mission Bay Alliance v. Office of Community Investment

Kurt Badenhausen - Golden State Warrior Break Ground on New $1 Billion Chase Center


4. Panel 3 - Sports & Labor

Northwestern v. College Athlete Players Association - Players Associations' Amicus Brief

Alexander C. Krueger-Wyman - Collective Bargaining and the Best Interests of Basketball

Michael H. LeRoy - Federal Jurisdiction in Sports Labor Disputes

Michael H. LeRoy - The Narcotic Effect of Antitrust Law in Professional Sports: How the Sherman Act Subverts Collective Bargaining

Joshua A. Reece - Throwing the Red Flag on the Commissioner: How Independent Arbitrators Can Fit into the NFL's Off-Field Discipline Procedures Under the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement


5. Panel 4 - Running a Professional Team

Jeremy M. Evans - Presenting the Case to Build and Maintain a Successful Sports Franchise

Jorge E. Leal Garrett & Bryan A. Green - Considerations for a Professional Team Considering Going Public

Jeremy M. Evans - Stadium Financing: American Taxpayers Should Throw the Red Flag


6. Closing Keynote - Sports, Venture Capital, & Tech

Alex Konrad - The MVP All-Star Fund Launches With $100M To Get Pro Athletes Into Tech Unicorns

Darren Heitner - A $35 Million Fund for Sports Tech and Media Disruptors